Parental Brutality!

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Julie Figueroa You don't need to hit your kids to discipline them for the most part. There are other much more effective ways. There are rare occasions when a good whack can be more effective, but NOT beatings like my grandparents generation got - with belts, canes, whips and sticks! There's a huge difference between a single, well-timed whack and a beating. Government needs to protect children from abuse and ignore the occasional whack.

It concerns me even more that even though you work in a school, the most effective means of communication you can think of is threatening the children! You should definitely NOT be working in that environment. You should take some classes on conflict resolution, anger management, etc., or quit (preferably).
Raviraj I know 9506495790 customer name 4/1/2017
Devyn You should not hit kids. Threaten to take away one of their most precious items away for a week. Trust me, that will get their attention and it is a better alternative. 3/17/2017
colin nicole my kids do incest and i dicipline them with a hard round of anal is this ok ? 3/15/2017
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