Fix'd - Chapter 12

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K wb! write more pls 12/18/2016
Miha Hey, welcome back! And no worries, i'll still be here regardless so take your time and upload whenever it's possible for you, I don't mind:) Anyways, back to the chapter. Well what can I say, though it was a filler, I still loved it! Even though it's been a while, even with a gap...the details and plot line are still so on point, which I absolutely admire! It was so sweet to see the chemistry between all the friends in this chapter, especially between Briana and Sam. I can't wait to see more how Briana progresses to help Cynthia with her situation, you've so got me pumped with the next few chapters with the wait! My favourite moment of this chapter was when you described the dresses, both dresses sounded sooo beautiful!:) Also who can forget about Ethan and Mike, so looking forward to how this story shapes up! You go gurl!:) 12/10/2016
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