Not My Territory - Chapter 9

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Banyana I loved the chapter ! I think I have a crush on Emerson! 12/23/2016
Miha Wow, wow, and wow... Honestly, every chapter you write surpasses the other and makes me so happy:) I absolutely am love with your writing style! It's so elegant, yet captivating at the same time. Lol if this was YouTube, I would give you so many likes if it'd let me, cause honestly you deserve it. Loved the little scenes of romance between Adira and Emerson, which again, every detail was written so beautifully. I felt as if you wrote it in a way that you kept the romance simple and short, yet making us readers want more...which worked lol:) My favourite part of this chapter was the joy Adira felt that she could talk again, so cutee! And honestly, the way Emerson and his family are so supportive is so sweet and love them to pieces! Every bit of this chapter was a pleasure to read. I love how when you transition to another scene or thought, it blends smoothly right in from the scene before. Every scene flows smoothly with the other. Of course can't forget about the ending scene which I am so pumped up for now! I have a feeling it has to do with the encounter Adira had with that wolf before. This story line just keeps getting more and more exciting that I just love! Can't wait for what happens in the next chapter!
PS. Aww your so sweet! That just made my day:) I'll always remember that, so thank you:) But I have to say, your the one who is so amazing! Sharing your talent with us and your awesome writing skills already makes you a wonderful and awesome person in my books! It's such a pleasure to read your stories and have the chance to read them. Keep doing what your doing with your writing skills cause you gurl have such a talent with your unique, never ending of stream of ideas and honestly, the love for your writing shows through in your stories:) Keep fulfilling your passion of writing and don't ever stop cause you have a way with words is all I can say!:)
Butterfly They're werewolves. I can't believe it took me so long to figure out. 12/18/2016
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