Emerald Eyes - Chapter 8

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MES I've been waiting for this story...Thanks so much for posting another chapter, please keep on posting. I love this story. 1/16/2017
Monicka Please update soon! Great story 1/13/2017
dips i do follow please keep on posting 1/13/2017
Shreya Hey..long time..I am reading ur story and i was waiting for the next chapter..thanks for posting...u may not know me..but i really really liked ur story..please keep updating and give me a pleasant surprise...can't wait to see it...bye 1/10/2017
Miha I smiled so much when I saw you were back with Emerald Eyes!:) your story is so worth the wait, regardless how long it takes to post. I'll always be here to read it:) it's just so good! The elegance and the intricate details is just such a pleasure to read. Absolutely loved this chapter! Enjoying how the storyline is orogressing and the blossoming attraction between the two. Keep em coming!:) 1/10/2017
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