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Anonymous thank yu for sharing your story, please keep us updated 10/22/2018
Anonymous Wow.. 8/18/2018
Carl You need a lot of healing. Part of that will be spending time alone. It may seem extremely difficult at first, but with time it gets easier. Learn who you truly are. Learn what makes you happy and how to be happy alone. Ease the loneliness by finding ways to volunteer and help others. Let it be doing something you enjoy. This will bring more joy to you than you ever imagined."Seek first the kingdom of God (within you) and everything else will then come to you." Yes, talk to God and ask Him to reveal himself to you in a way that makes sense, that you can understand. When God warns us about not having any idols before Him, he's telling us this for our own protection. God will never abuse you, or abuse your trust and your vulnerability. You are putting these guys on a pedestal, you are making them like God. YOu let them define you, tell you what to do, etc. Take it from me, human beings make lousy gods. Don't give that kind of power and submission to people.
God will only tell you how special you are, how precious and that you are His child. God will not force you or belittle you or abuse you. Ask God to lead you to a church or somewhere where you are surrounded with loving friends, people who truly care about you. Ask God to show you how to take better care of yourself. Read about codependency and assertiveness. Maybe you don't believe in God or maybe God has been misrepresented to you by people who hurt you. Understand that when you encounter the real thing it will be different. You will find peace and true self love. Again, cry out to God. He hears you. That's how I discovered God was real. There's a scripture that says, "The Lord is close to the broken hearted and those who are crushed in spirit He saves." Let God comfort you now, not man. And in time, He will bring into your life a man who is truly worthy of you.
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