Not My Territory - Chapter 16

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Miha You just made my day by posting this chapter! Three words: a perfect chapter!:) There was so much happening in this chapter, but you managed to transition and connect each part so smoothly. I was laughing uncontrollably when Adira left for and came back from clubbing, soo cutee lol! I loved the whole family' reaction, priceless! I especially admired the way you introduced the new characters just felt so natural. You introduced them so effortlessly:) Baby Matthew, yo he is such a bundle of joy:)! They're were so many laughing and smiling moments in this chapter, just loved it all thoroughly! Of course the Justine and Emerson twist was something and I can see why Adira was a bit hesitant since he didn't choose to tell her. But I guess understandable. Anyways, lol can't forget the sexy yet jealous moments both Emerson-Adira and Anthony-Charice had:) As for Adira and Emerson's talks, I was hooked to it cause the way you portray their understanding and moments makes it interesting to read and it's as if there ourselves, looking through their eyes, feeling their emotions, etc. Another beautiful job well done:) Looking sooo forward to seeing what this De Ortu phase brings!

P.S. A very Happy New Year to you! Hope you have a wonderful year ahead.
Butterfly Love the story as always. I hope a break won’t effect Adria and Emerson’s relationship. 1/5/2018
K Beautiful writing. Please keep up the good work! 1/4/2018
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