Hansel's Lover - Chapter Nineteen

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Anonymous Next Chapter?!? This is a great story, please continues it. 7/20/2019
Anonymous Next Chapter?!? 2/24/2019
Update Next Update? 1/13/2019
New Year Happy New Year! Next Updatd Please! 1/1/2019
more More more more more more more more more 12/18/2018
Writing Love your writing! 12/14/2018
Anonymous Next chapter?!? 12/12/2018
Anonymous Next Chapter 12/8/2018
Question Next chapter?!? 11/29/2018
Anonymous Next chapter! Pretty please 11/9/2018
Krist Ready for the next chapter! Bring it on! I can handle whatever that’s to come???? 10/4/2018
Dot More Daniel and Anna! Love your story 10/4/2018
. Coming onto this website everyday to check if you post a new chapter or not.
Forever fan, forever waiting.
WhoMustNotName Love it! Hope the WAIT for the next chapter will be short compared to this one. Amazing story 9/30/2018
Fan More about Daniel's mysterious past, please. 9/29/2018
Love Keep the upload coming! I'll be waiting 9/29/2018
Fan LOVE IT! 9/29/2018
Butterfly Welcome back, I have waited so long for this and it definitely are worth the wait. This story are amazing, I couldn't get enough of Daniel and Anna. Especially the part where Daniel talk about when he faces death, and wonder what they are truly fighting for. It's very romantic and moving. But, OMG, Anna have super power! Can't wait to see where would the story go from here. 9/29/2018
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