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U That was a smart blonde joke not dumb blonde joke 1/20/2011
Bubbles Hhahahahhahahahahahah! It's HILARIOUS! LOL 10/19/2010
caitibugluv took me a while to get it. 7/28/2010
Anonymous You may be able to tease blonds now, but your ancestors feared, respected, and admired us for our beauty and war prowess. A chunk of that war prowess, by the way, comes from intellect. And, we withhold such traits and potential to this day. No amount of biased jokes is going to change this. 6/30/2010
dezi lol that's funny the blonde outsmarted the interviewer you don.t see that every day...[: 11/9/2009
the audiance I dnt kno why every1 is taking this joke at heart. It culd have been any blond not neccesarly a polish blond the joke would have still been funny. Its not that seriouse. 10/11/2009
nice I like it 10/11/2009
cool Cool Lol 10/11/2009
the audiance Lol wow that's funny. I liked it. 10/11/2009
Vinicio Good one! 6/4/2009
sarah it was english blondie hahaha most of us english people can't even speak properly! 3/18/2009
Will Mencia follower, eh?! 10/6/2008
dave from Polan great joke, but the answers says blondy was uk 7/29/2006
erica That was weak!! 5/11/2006
adam pretty good but wasn't the best PS: my girlfriend is a blonde 5/5/2006
bart you are sad man polish girls are more inteligent than most of western inteligence :) 4/7/2006
Bob She was American!!! 3/28/2006
audrey Can't you people take a joke?God, u guys fighting is for no reason in particular. I've heard mean jokes of us Puerto Ricans in our own country and we laugh our heads off. Can't you do the same?

Ustedes tienen que coger todo en serio? Por Dios, ustedes pelean por ninguna razon en particular. Yo he escuchado chistes malos puertorriqueños en nuestro propio país y nos morimos de la risa. No pueden coger todo en serio.
Shaz I agree with you polish people. I'm not polish, I'm Australian and some things American people say about us are stupid. I have never in my life heard an Aussie say 'lets put another shrimp on the barbe' 11/19/2005
Shaz Stefani, you're too smart for own good. 11/19/2005
Shaz Those were pretty funny.
Good stuff.
chelsea lol that was so jokey lol ;) 11/15/2005
Jane Doe It was so funny. I wish it was more to read o this joke. 5/28/2005
stefani there is 81 dee's in rudolf the rednose reindeer i counted 5/27/2005
ewa Funny, in Poland there jokes about american ignorance and narow-mindedness,(recently a lot about Bush ) German rigidness, Russian drinking habits , than again jokes on Blacks, on Asians etc and here i find a joke on Polish. I don't mind actually as fortunately not all people fancy this kind of jokes. Fortunately theer are still people who can do without xenophobia. 4/27/2005
laura I've heard that one before, only it was a different theme. typical....wheres the knew stuff? 12/29/2004
marta I don't get the joke at all, this supposedly dumb blonde appeared to outsmart not only the interviewer but also whoever thought her answers were stupid.Quite contrary- the answers are clever and proof of the so called lateral thinking. It seems to me the joke is on stupid Americans. By the way, a lot of jokes all over Europe deal with American stupidity.I have a real life example though. I've met a guy who came to Poland on a student exchange programme and was astonished to find out that people in Europe speak various languages. Poor fellow thought that Europeans speak Polish American, French American, Spanish American etc. One would have thought that as a university undergraduate he would have more general knowledge. Now, that's funny! 12/8/2004
Polish Aryan This is bull . Stop making fun of Polish people and Aryans.... 7/8/2004
A AMERICAN!!! This joke is totally degrattin to polaks. Buts it a good one. hahah. Everyone knows polaks dont wokr in a confined area. They're either garbage man/woman or drunk garbage pickers! 1/3/2004
Jookie I work with two polish blondes and they are truly the dumbest people I have ever encountered and are very vain. I can see them looking in the mirror as the walk by my office every day. They are not confident i guess. sad. 9/26/2003
Polak z Polski Americans are funny, they don't know anything about Poland and they even don't know where is Poland, they joke about polish people, and they should know that most of my friends and people in Poland think, that most of them are little uneducated. (lub lekko opó¿nieni na moje oko jakieœ 60%, lub tak zadufani w sobie ¿e maja wszystkich innych w dupie).Its my impression about Americans. Sorry for my english. 8/16/2003
BlondeDezzy this joke is kinda...ty >.> 6/29/2003
McGregor This is crap ladies . A pille of Crap 6/29/2003
polish blonde I`m definitely blonde(all natural and proud of it) and by natural causes Polish woman (translation for Americans -female!).I think this anegdote is a pure equivalent of a joke.You know who mades jokes about blondes:evny brunettes. Moreover, it never came to author of this piece that answers of that polish girl were quite smart not dumb.It`s called creative intelligence. If you`re able to read something beside rubish on the net,you can easly find information about it in
P.S.For concerned ones who don`t understand offences in polish(from someone with nickname "zbulwersowany").I`ll be very happy to translate it for you. It`s not fare, not being able to defence for oneself. However,I`m not taking responsibility of the contens.
quote:p.s.Besides,Americans are a nation of over and more-overweight people. I`ve seen your women.Good God!Who cloned mammoths or had I missed something.(I smoothed that a little bit as you can imagine).
zbulwersowany this joke is bull people from poland are 10% more inteligent than americans p.s. a poza tym amerkanie to spaœluchy , wiedzia³em wasze kobiety matko boska zmi³uj siê (kto sklonowa³ mamuty, czy coœ mnie ominê³o) 5/20/2003
Blondethang i don't understand polish 3/8/2003
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