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SPC Rodriguez Im Specialist Rodriguez and iam mexican, the cartoon is saying that mexican are lazy well im in the US Army and im in iraq and ill tell you something alot of soldiers & marines are mexican and were are not lazy we work every f@cking day for this ry sometimes we dont even have time to sleep. We see our buddies next to us die and we have to continue with our mission so like i said we are not lazy. 6/23/2007
Alvaro Romero P This Mexican is an stereotype and we are still cool... how about that?
What's the big deal with the Memin cartoon? isn't Aun Jemima another stereotype?... by Americans for Americans
Joe memin is racism. mexican dont like no white people they call them nacos. 10/31/2005
Chris In honor of Mexico's Memin Pinguin stamps, I think we should bring back the Frito Bandito! 9/7/2005
Daniel Memin Penguin ROCKS! 8/18/2005
huixar Hey, Mr. Laustri: you are right. 7/19/2005
Greg Howard I believe the best way for the people of Mexico to respond to the hypocrisy of American Liberals is to point out the racism of the Cleveland Indians mascot or the Washington "Redskins". Challenge the black players on these teams to demand an end to the racism against Native Americans. 7/14/2005
Richard Laustri I find it strange, the US government takes advantage of this Memin Pinguin think and makes comments about it. It's more to take away the attention of the public from the War in Iraq, which the US just can't handle. The US people and government have no right to make an opinion on another country issues, specially when maxican are the ones that suffer more racism in the US by whites and even blacks. What about the minuteman organization, isn't that racism ??? 7/10/2005
Alberto The Memin Pinguin Comics Books, have been published in Mexico, since early 40's or perhaps earlier!
No body ever complained and all of a sudden the Afro Americans think it is RACIAL.....?
The caracter was brought into the Comics after the author made a trip to CUBA and decided to edit the caracter into the comics!
There have been always discrimination and racial issues in Society and will never end...!
I do not see anything RACIAL in Memin Pinguin
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