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candy eminem! 5/9/2012
candy go emenem 5/9/2012
Caleb Eminem can *bleeping*bleep* a *bleep*bleeper*!
Go Doors!
layna i totally agree with samantha... if music is censored then whats the sense of putting the song out there anyway? 12/23/2010
spencer i love you james douglas morrison 3/2/2010
ocean it is very inportant to now this stuff! 2/19/2010
Justine Need a print button so prints nicely. 4/27/2009
buzzbuzzimabigb yo yo global warming came to my birthday party 4/1/2009
samantha you should not censor music because it's their rights to do and say what they want to. 1/4/2008
Mike C should rap music be cesored ? why or why not and give fact to back up your reason.... 7/15/2006
high ok 3/10/2006
12 gaige who wants to know? 1/17/2006
J.E.L.Z. 12 gaige tell me and you will find out 1/17/2006
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12 gaige who wants to know? 1/17/2006
Athority Bob you listeen toe mi, i will not, i repet will not, let this critizim fly, you got thit "Hommie"? I don't want to see anymore roud coments anymore 1/17/2006
J.E.L.Z. I heat 50 cent 1/17/2006
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tim no Jamie he does not and don't use my name or i will hang you, fag 1/17/2006
Macheal Bro i spelt it wrong, i'm never going to type on this agian, sorry for letting you down,

Peace out
12 gage 12 pack, is that supposed to be a knock off of 2 pac because pac's name was P A C without a K, so maybe you should go back to listening to green day before you hurt yourself trying to spell rappers names correctly, beotch 1/17/2006
tim The O.G. likes men
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Machael I came here to talk about music censorship and all i see is honky's talking poop about spots of tea, pink braclets, being gay, and jazzer production's. imma take this site back for what its for... Music censorship yo its a down right shame rappers should be able to say what ever the fack they want in there songs and radio's should be aloud to play it. ITS A MORAL OUTRAGE. Sharpton 4 prezzy fo sheezy yall! ONE! 1/17/2006
The O.G. who's 12 pack 1/17/2006
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hipopapotamus don't be so mean
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The O.G. stop the hippopcace 1/17/2006
The O.G. this is a jazzerproduction 1/17/2006
Chingy I'll be right therr 1/17/2006
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braclet guy So nobody likes my pink braclet eh? 1/17/2006
Chingy Why you wanna sell my CD's? 1/17/2006
The O.G. chingy a rist band and a wresteling game somebody likes men don't they machael, you shoulod be censored because you smell 1/17/2006
Machael down with people not buying stuff off their friends because they dont think chingy is cool enough and there brother wont play an amazing wrestling game . SCREW YOU "THE O.G" 1/17/2006
Macheals Bro Anyboby want to buy 2 chingy CD, a glow in the dark wrist band, and Smackdown vs Raw for the PS2? 1/17/2006
Machael Screw Music Censorship YO 1/13/2006
Machael As if that crank Mo Fo erased all of our effertfull conversations. Down With Music Censorship Yal 1/12/2006
Machael As that crank Mo Fo erased all of our effertfull conversations. Down With Music Censorship Yal 1/12/2006
Macheals Bro Macheals Bro is in the Hooouse
Ya Heard

Shout out to all my boys
The O.G. You can’t stop me from saying what I want and voicing me opinions how I want. The O.G. is a god and a crazy rapper. 1/11/2006
The O.G. censorship is should be banned and as The O.G. it harms me and they be trying to mess up my rhymes and keep me down. 1/11/2006
Everybody hi Dr.Nick 1/10/2006
machael The O.G. is a "Playa Hatta" he doesn’t realize that video game violence need to be put to an end and he is actually the one who takes it in the Rear, if you know what i mean and its not my fault he’s like that, its just the way he is. Now back to video game violence. We as the people of Canada think that this is a serious matter at hand and should be stopped. Free the prisoners. What this article is about music censorship? 1/10/2006
Macheals bro I believe that the "system" is designed around the idea of keepin' the lower class people, like myself, down. All the government whats is to keep us from knowing. But signers like M&M are trying to spread the word. Haters like O.G are just acting all tough and are just as bad as that government of ours. I think people like him are the reason our society is at a downfall. 1/10/2006
machael i feel that video game violence is harming the system we as the people of society should stand against it and not let the government win the battle. WE WILL WIN THE WAR! 1/10/2006
chris farmer i think censorship in music is dumb we should be able to listen to music we feel is good. not have what music we listen to depend on the words in the music 10/18/2005
your mom wadup homie this is ahman green 10/18/2005
see ya hey hey hey
its fat albert
carol robison with censorship on music you don't have the right to pick what you want to listen to the goverment tells you what you can and i find that breaking the 1st amendment 9/19/2005
Bob Carobn music censorshi[ is stupid and a waste of time 9/19/2005
Alejandra CensoRship does not help develop democracy. 9/6/2005
jo awesome 7/21/2005
a jabar-kareem i hate the media center 5/31/2005
scott this is alll intersting but we should let the people decide what we wanna listion to 4/14/2005
haneunderware need more info and data 4/14/2005
lee No one forces anybody to listen to anything. If you hear or see something that you think is offensive then turn the channel, it's that simple. There's no reason why people who want to actually hear what artists have to say should be banned from doing so just becaust people are offended. 3/21/2005
Lindy I am currently working on a Music Censorship debate in my english class. I think that censorship is unconstitutional. If a parent doesn/t want there kids to have access to music with "obscenaties" they should be the one to monater their kids, not the government!!! 3/8/2005
rap-a-holic censorship is only cutting up what people feel is happening in the world right now. if someone warns the public of a terrorist bombing but uses the quote-unquote "f-word" , say bye bye to the statue of liberty. who decides what words are bad any way? "you can say feces but you cant say sh*t".
kelsey I don't belive in censoring anything music or t.v. it is a way of expressing yourself. 2/7/2005
Emillio chavez I love my censored music I really get a good vibe when the beat and works are cut out and replaced with a droning silence. 12/20/2004
Amber Do you have any Poems on Censorship 12/3/2004
Jane Doe I think that Censorship should be permitted and people should not say bad words on songs because that is very very very bad. and i don't like hearing swear words in the middle of a melody. I mean come on where is our sense of dignity peoples???? 11/23/2004
jfhfhfhf.gvlgif They should ban it 10/29/2004
Cody Mailloux Music censorship sucks 10/29/2004
Lyrred I think it should be illegal to keep people under 18 from buying cd's with a warning label on them! 10/19/2004
Chelsea excellent site:)
Great info. and links!
blah sweet! 10/6/2004
Pork12 This whole thing about music censorship is kind of dumb. Critics now a days dont have nothing to talk about, all the want to do is find something to nag at. Its like what some people said if you want to listen the original lyrics let them, or else dont listen to it at all. 9/28/2004
music is your own work of art and to censor that work of art is not right 7/18/2004
Robert I think that Music should be censored for people who want it, but artists should't be attack for the lyrics. If Eminem wants to rap about killing let him, if you don't like it, don't listen to it. 4/22/2004
granny smith i think censorship is the best thing to happen. i'm 93 yrs. old!!!! 3/31/2004
Toni J Censorship is so stupid. You should be able to listen to what ever you want as long as you are mature enought to understand. If parents block out all the bad things there children will always think the world is Hunky dorey and they won't understand that there are bad things in the world too. 3/19/2004
BLAH BLAH BLAH if parents were actually parents there wouldn't be all these problems CENSORSHIP IS WRONG !!!!!! 2/5/2004
Hippie Day LESS CENSORSHIP MAN!!!! 12/10/2003
chris gabrielle you are a moron if you would only listen to his music maybe you would understand that there is meaning but you are too dumb to see it. Grow up in his lifestyle and see how you turn out you moron 11/4/2003
kaleb yeah 11/4/2003
barbara eminem is not a banned performer 11/3/2003
ha ha its funny that ag and pystar are anti-censorship yet their comments were censored! 10/19/2003
Matt Hey, I'm all for free speech but there is a difference between free speech and making money off of your "free speech" with song lyrics that are obviously offensive. You have the right to say whatever you want but say it, don't sell it. 10/19/2003
Jose eminem says the truth and thats why they hate him
K-kwik The best thing about eminem is the fact the he will keep on rapping no matter what people think. Thats just the way he is. He is by far the most influential rapper of all time. That "Sweet Home Alabama" spinoff he did in Eight Mile was tight as hell. Keep rapping Marshall we're behind 100% of the time. 5/14/2003
CAAMGHAJA All I have to say is music censorship violates the artist freedom of speech, therefore it should be BANNED! 5/14/2003
Shannon i'm sorry but the doors are th ebest band ever, next to system of a down and rage against the machine. they help mold the music of all rock artist. if you listen you'll under stand 5/13/2003
Mixed Mama Eminem is so so so sexy. twodope needs 2 quit hatin' so much.
Mixed Mama Ya'll need 2 quit cussin' so much in these comments. it sounds like ya'll don't even know how to cuss. it sounds like yall just threw some cuss words up in there 2 look like you grown. SHUT UP! 5/8/2003
Music Chic I feel that if they have to ban the singer it is because they are saying something real to better then people and the gov. doesnt want us to think more then we have to. Eminem is KING 5/8/2003
Music Chic If this is a country of free speech Y are there laws on what we can and cant say in our songs? 5/8/2003
Gutie Music is the mark of the soul. We all use it to express ourselves, some of us by making it, others by listening. But no matter what you do with it, it will always be a gateway to or away from what we believe, feel, and go through everday. Who cares who wins, who is "tighter" and that kind of bs. They all did their own thing and got crap for being who they are. But it shouldn't be about that. It should be about the Music. Peace. 5/7/2003
Ian Pike ok..Little Richard is a no...Prince was just wierd...& Ice T should be put in jail for being such a horrible person...Eminem is tight though 5/7/2003
omnipotent one Jenna Davis, if music censorship is retarded then what does that make you seeing how you can't even spell censorship? 5/6/2003
lalaland well i just think that people need to stop bein so damn critical of others they are just doin what they love to do and that is the number one reason to do anythin
Love ya em and lil rich and Prince you are tight all of ya'll never forget well peace out
N07s3wL33t Kids these days... :-(
I'm only 19 myself, but at least I know that if it weren't for little Richard, music just wouldn't be what it is today!
wes hello i love you, wont you tell me your name?- The Doors 4/29/2003
Your Mother Britney Spears rules 4/29/2003
Your Mother You all are wrong. Britney Spears is censored the most. She is the bomb and everyone should love her1 4/28/2003
byron c shaw where words fail, music speaks 4/23/2003
ashley eminem is the most outspoken person of all the artists. everything he raps is the truth, so why shelter our children and ourselves from reality. 4/22/2003
Opie Music is the center of our spirit it sets you free and lets your imagination run wild. It is excellent for reading and relaxing,or doing what ever you want. 4/22/2003
oldschool Does anyone remeber Lenny Bruce? 4/21/2003
Volcano666 i think that madonna has provided more for how long she has been in the music industry and has ckept us on our toes!!! 4/17/2003
Maria eminem is my savior. When i am down and out i just think of his songs or put them on and go wow he had it hard. His music reminds me of what i have and what i should be proud of. 4/14/2003
jenna i would rather go to rowdys roller rink and skate all day 4/14/2003
John I think prince hasen't contributed as much as eminem
jessica Prince sucks eminem should win.
sara dauphinais music is expression. eveyone expresses them selves differently. let music be music. if you don't like it them don;'t listen to it. 4/7/2003
jiminy cricket The hippo must grow wings to fight the condor. 4/7/2003
George Bush what are 10 questions about music censorship??? 4/6/2003
Aldous Huxley "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music" 3/22/2003
Hans Andersen "Where words fail, music speaks" 3/22/2003
Victor Hugo "Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." 3/22/2003
E.Y. Harbug "Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a though" 3/22/2003
Plato "Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to teh mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything" 3/22/2003
Jenna Davis music sensorship is so retarted i love music where would life be with out it 3/18/2003
Matt fredrik hey
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