Perfect Body: Love Thyself

Women are always after getting the "perfect body" that they often see of their favorite film star or the model on the cover page of a magazine.
Every woman wants to achieve the most perfect body and in their attempt to look like their favorite film star they end up either getting depressed or unsatisfied with their body which leads to many complications. Studies suggest that 30-40% of women are somewhat unhappy with their appearance while another 45% may experience anxiety or depression due to dissatisfaction with their appearance.

Know Yourself
What women tend to overlook is that it's the job of these glam dolls and models to look ravishing and sexy. But have you considered whether they are really beautiful minus the layers of makeup that they put on. Have you considered whether they are really healthy or not. By getting depressed and punishing your body because you are not satisfied with your appearance you are actually buying the myth of perfection that the fashion magazines sell. Here are ways to promote a healthy self-image within yourself.

Be honest with yourself and practice self-acceptance. Thanks to our genetics and body types, all of us can't be thin but we can all be healthy. Instead of comparing yourself to a model on the cover of a magazine; look in the mirror to find your own standard of beauty. Ask yourself if you are feeding your body nutritious foods and exercising regularly.

And most of all if you feel fit or not. Most models are under nourished and it's the layers of make-up that make them look the ways they do, as for every photo shoot, each and every part of the exposed body is applied with layers of foundation. A classic case, of "all that glitters is not gold" phenomenon!

Love yourself; love your body. Instead of falling into depression learn to feel good about yourself and to take care of yourself. Pamper your body. Treat yourself to a facial, a manicure, or a pedicure. Indulge in a long; hot bubble bath. Wear a wonderful fragrance. Aromas work wonders for your body!

Don't punish your body by playing mind games with food. Food is not the enemy. Eat healthy but don't obsess. Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Learn the basics of exercise and nutrition and set realistic goals. Be the star of your own fitness program. Walk, run, bike, or do aerobics. Exercise makes you feel good about your body. Your focus should always be on your health. Indulge your body in fun, feel-good activities often.

Dress up your self-esteem by taking care of your appearance. Wear clothes that are flattering to your figure no matter what size you wear. Stop waiting until you lose a "little more weight" before feeling good about yourself.
By Prerna Salla
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