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Contemporary art is the art of the late 20th centaury and early 21st cent., both an outgrowth and a rejection of modern art. With end of force and vigor of abstract expressionism, new artistic movements and styles arose during the 1960s and 70s to challenge and displace modernism in painting, sculpture, and other media. Other than art style, new mediums are also seen in the period.

German artist Dieter Roth, who, in the 1960s, used a variety of edibles in his sculptural work, including spices and bananas. Espresso, Coffee or Tea are not exceptions. In this article we would see sensational and fabulous art of 'Coffee Painting'.

Historical Perspectives

I would prefer to say that art of coffee painting might have been originated from 'Thai' regions. In history, Chinese were used to create brown background in painting using tea. However, today coffee painting has taken over its place completely.

Unique Art

Coffee is a fascinating medium to form art. It is quite successful experiment using Coffee to get the old-look effect in your painting. It is all about using pure coffee, water and your brush. Coffee painting produces everlasting shining. Uniqueness achieved by this medium cannot be delivered by any other medium.

Art Performers & Style

Coffee painting is least known pigment for painting & creation. The artists are coming up in a series creating fabulous art with coffee. Pornchai Lerthammasiri (Thailand) (First Show: 1998), Mira & Amita, Art And Painting (India) (2000), Andy and Angel, Karen Eland and others are few of artists who have done unbelievable artwork with coffee.

Stepping Ahead with Coffee Painting

"Coffee, a substance generally favored by a person with artistic instincts for its reach aroma holds myriad other uses as well. One of which is use of these strong brown shade to bring the imagination to the reality of canvas. The endless possibilities offered by this stoic shade of brown, created by mixing coffee with water, are amazingly appreciable", says Amita Chudasama, Art And Painting.

Coffee has its unique qualities to other mediums. Comparing coffee with other pigments or mediums is not wise thought. It is unique. It depends on how much water you add to it to create different tones. "At first I started to cover my watercolor painting lightly with coffee to get the old-look effect. I found that it was very interesting and effective and continued to experiment - some were good, some were not" says Pornchai.

"It all started one summer when they planned their first art show in a coffee house in Duluth, Minnesota. We wanted to come up with something unique and creative. Since our show was going to take place in a coffee house, we thought it would be appropriate to use coffee as their medium" says Andy and Angel.

Historical or old buildings, waterfalls, distant mountain, streets in one shade or anything which is kind of brown color can be made with coffee effectively.

Starting with coffee as pigment is not so difficult. It sounds easy, all you need is just coffee mixed with water, a brush and watercolor paper. You can try with canvas but note that when the canvas flexes, the coat of coffee can crack. Paper, mounted on wood to keep it from flexing may also work.


"Drying time is major issue. If the coffee is not completely dried, it can start to mold, particularly in the darkest areas, where the coffee paste is thickest. Using coffee with turpentine helps you to come out earliest" confirmed Mira, Art And Painting.

With coffee painting, if you use too much coffee, the texture will be too elastic to paint with and cause unwanted glittering flakes on the paper. A painting made with coffee may not last forever, but the same can be said for many other mediums.

"First of all, the texture of the coffee is a challenge. It has more elastic properties than normal paint. It is stickier when you apply it with the brush. You have to use the right amount of water to dilute the coffee right on the paper for the lighter brown or whiter areas. It was also harder to control the lines, color tones and the flow of liquid on the paper" says Pornchai.

Mira also be in agreement to what Pornchai says - "You need patience and creative while making your art with 'Coffee' painting. It has more resilient than any other paint. You need to be cautious while using water to thin and proposing shades on paper or canvas." "Although it is very difficult to control lines, I would prefer creating 'Carvings' and 'Ruined & Historical Architectures' in Coffee Painting. My coffee paintings - 'The Coliseum', 'Carvings', 'Bali's Hindu Temple's carving" are few of them," added Mira, Art And Painting.

However there are artist's styles and techniques working out coffee painting's beauty. "When I want to paint waterfalls or a distant mountain, I use the spray bottle to soften the pictures. There are various results that only the brush alone cannot achieve" says Pornchai.

The Final Words

Irrespective of few standing issues, artists believe that once you paint with coffee, you never think of any other mediums.

No doubts, impression & aroma of coffee painting holds breathe of art, artist and art lovers on single canvas.

And next what? Next can be cappuccino, wine or ...

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By Jay C
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