Blond Men for a change

Dumb blonde men, and one damn smart woman.
Three blonde men are stranded on an island which is burning. In a hurry to get off the island they run to the beach. Once on the beach they find a bottle, when they rub it a genie pops out and grants them three wishes.

The first blonde guy wishes he was smart so he could get off the island. "Poof" his hair turns brown, he ties some logs together to make a raft and paddles away. The second blonde guy says, "I'm not into all of this padling stuff, make me smarter so I can get off this island". "Poof", he turns into a redheaded guy, then builds a raft and weaves a sail out of plants on the island and sails away. The third blonde guy is not impressed by all of this hard work and says to the genie "Make me even smarter so I can get off this island". "Poof" and the genie turns the blonde guy into a woman, and she walks over the bridge.
Published: 12/20/2000
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