My Last Breath

I wish you were here to take away my fears.
But this time it's just the same old loneliness.

I slowly slit my wrists,
This is it, I won’t make it out alive.
On my shirt is my makeup,
smeared and black along with lines of blood from my tears.

I feel it slide across my skin.
I feel the pain so suddenly.
it cuts deep within, to break every vein.
Soon all I will have left is death to keep.

For once I will stop crying and stop bleeding.
Maybe then I won’t lie to myself.
Please take away my worrying so I can stop feeling this pain.
This I will never live to tell.

I won’t make it through the night.
This is my last breath;
I’m cutting my way out of life, because it feels so right.
Published: 3/22/2006
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