Infliction of Pain

Hmmm.... it is what it is.
Looking around for what could be used to inflict large amounts of endless bleeding and pain.
Plastic could be used again, to slit their wrists, a knife to cut their throat, or an overdose of sleeping pills and never wake up.
They feel they're not doing good if there is no pain applied.
Broken skin and flesh cut straight to the bone and left there to bleed.
But mostly there's scars to hide for the world not to see the pain deep inside.
Why would anyone take the easy way out when they could get out through blood and pain?
Felling blood draining form the flesh and more than one broken vein.
not gushing, but only seeping form wounded skin and the great desire of wanting to do it more until the very end.
Published: 4/14/2006
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