The Pendulum- The Death Of Me

Everything went away...
I feel the dagger plunge into my chest.
Why does he hate me?
For all I tried to be, I tried my very best.
He hates me for what I had considered fun, it sickens him and now the torture has begun.
This he craves, I am dazed, soon to be history.
Swallowing his words like shattered glass, smashing into my faded memories.
Hoping is a mess, it finally turns to dust; floating into the night to join with all mistrust.
Should I stay, or try to go?
Drinking the chemicals, downing hatred as it flows.
It feels as if I'm under a swinging, bloody, pendulum, just waiting for it to crash down upon me.
Watching the silhouette pas, all that fell was fear itself.
This time I'm going to die (he'll make sure of it.)
And all this pain will finally end its ride.
Published: 4/14/2006
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