Sexual Intercourse - How to Make Love Whole Night!

Love making is the most magnificent celestial experience. While making love, we forget about our past and feel absolutely no worries of our future; everything freezes to time and we live in the very moment. But unfortunately for some people; love making does not last longer and they are not able to enjoy every bit of it. Continue reading if you are willing to know how you can make love for a whole night!
Warning: Discretionary Content ~ This article may contain material that is either inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.

Normally, people can stretch love making to an hour long activity, but making love for whole night is always possible. All you need is some simple techniques which are to be followed by both the partners. If you follow step by step procedure and understand what is needed to be done at particular time, you can make your nights enjoyable and memorable too.

Before we start discussing the points, it is very important to understand that 100% participation and complete devotion of the partners, better mutual understanding, desire for passionate love making and readiness to take initiative in the game of love are the prerequisites. There are situations when one partner has to lead and let the other partner keep his/her desires burning - failing to understand this will cost in early ending of your passion-packed activity. Also please take care not to eat a heavy meal, because it affects your active participation in love making.

Foreplay, knowing the peak point of one's partner, taking the lead alternatively, use of different sex positions and some more are the key points to be learned about before even thinking about having nightlong sex.

It is important to start the sexual activity with a prolonged and sensual foreplay. The only difference in foreplay carried out during normal sexual intercourse and the foreplay intended for a nightlong sex activity is that this foreplay has to be carried out for longer period and should be divided in some parts. These parts should be performed from time to time. Foreplay is an art of expressing love and is a perfect invitation for a sex activity. Foreplay is important in order to arouse your male/female partner for the game of love.

Knowing your partner's peak time can help him/her slow down when he/she reaches to the extreme level, people who face a problem of early ejaculation can be helped by their partners during intercourse in many ways. In order not to shoot before time, one should follow "Slowing Down" and/or "Packet" techniques.
  • Slowing down when it's a highly sensitive moment pushes the shooting point further, allowing both the partners to enjoy intercourse for some more time.
  • Packet technique is used when it's hard to slow down, at this point the stroking activity is stopped by the weak partner for some time and extended/advanced foreplay is used to give your partner continuous experience of intercourse whereas the partner having problem of early ejaculation gets some more time to calm down his/her desires to a certain level and then again, both the partners can resume their activity.
Extended/advanced foreplay involves stimulating your partner and allowing him/her to continue experiencing intercourse by fingering or a blowjob performed by the weak partner. Another technique that can help in increasing 'shooting time' is by pressing weak partner's semen carrying vein (which is situated just below the scrotum) with the help of a finger by other partner, this surely allows late ejaculation for the weak partner. One advantage of this technique is that if you follow this technique for many days, it improves performance of male partner (who has an early ejaculation problem) and he can enjoy longer and stronger strokes after little practice as well as gain control over his senses, which otherwise cause early ejaculation.

Use of different sex positions has its own importance in sexual intercourse activity. There are different sex positions which allow both the partners choose the way they want to enjoy their time. Some positions allow both the partners to keep showering love on the other partner for longer time without shooting up early. Both the partners can use different sex positions during one intercourse. It's never possible to enjoy sex all nightlong unless both the partners take the lead alternatively. If one partner is leading, he/she should help the other partner to keep the desires in control without reaching the endpoint early; at the same time the leading partner should make sure that whatever activity is followed, it should appease the burning desires of both the partners and should drive them slowly towards the celestial experience allowing them to enjoy each moment during the intercourse. There can be more than one complete intercourse during the nightlong sex activity, but both the partners should never let the passion fade, which can cause decline in interest of the other partner. The combination of foreplay, advanced foreplay and different sex positions makes it possible to enjoy sex during the whole night, so both the partners should have a proper understanding of these points.
By Nilesh Parekh
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