My thoughts on you...

When I walk alone on the beach
while the sun sets across the ocean
my desires for your love brings me lots of pleasure
and leave with a great thoughts on you
My inner heart mounts with your warmth thoughts
and tides with our emotions flow even we are apart
I do recollect my days when I was with you on the beach
Holding around your shoulder with my hand while your
head rest on my shoulder and sharing our love
Gentle kisses on our lips brings passion of desires
Our footprints leave a mark as we walk closer to each other
A cool breeze touches us to get more close to each other
The romantic nights hugs us to make sweet love in deep
and to fall into each other arms eternally
A special place in my heart always kept for you
and it engraved in the deepest part of my soul
My thoughts on you is never-ending dreams now
and want it in reality when you get back to me.

Copyright @2005 Ravi Sathasivam (Sri Lanka)

Published: 8/5/2006
Bouquets and Brickbats