We have learned so far that what we are is god's gift to us, and what we make out of our lives is our gift to God! Right? Wrong! Because we might try to be the best, it's unlikely that we might remain to be the best if we don't have the right attitude.
So what do we mean as being the right attitude? A responsibility, a sense of knowing everything, or just being normal! We've normally encountered with the word attitude when we have had to face the world. It's funny that words like these don't crop up while at school. You are never faced with a child coming up to you and telling you "Mom, that girl's got an attitude", especially not when the child has just entered the first grade. But then you could never say what goes on in the mind of the person, and the age factor would really not be of any consequence.

The word Attitude should largely mean a way of life to most of us when it isn't. We simply stumble to understand when we share our lives with our partners and colleagues. What I never understood (although I am trying to) is why do we unnecessary break phases of life and fuse it into the word called Attitude!

How would you define it?
We generally encroach upon this word when we are either in an argument or perhaps when we have unnecessarily stepped on someone's shoes. So when there is a clash of titans at home, the only refuge to probably curb those nasty remarks from your side to your spouse would be to use a safe word; "Oh it's all your attitude!" And we women happily take it as it is in the meaning best known to us! Whatever do I mean?

In that sense women suddenly elevate themselves into believing that they can be the utmost sensitive people, not to mention matured. That when men roar the word, attitude on to us, it is quite natural for us to first squirm and later smirk, imbibing a universal though that, "Men never grow up!" Ideally like we have more and more finishing schools and time management classes, we also need to understand and implement the right attitude.

A largely accepted term on the other hand is the concept of "Positive Attitude". Things like these are generally forgotten within the rigmaroles of human life. It is only when you come across a bright soul who understands and propagates this to you, do you realize life's worth! For example, how many of us think right when we're getting late to work? How many of us truly tell ourselves, that these cars are really very few, its only minutes before the traffic shall get dissolved. And its only minutes before we reach our respective office! I know it's easier said than done but most people in this world don't realize its worth. You might have noticed most professionals have this grossly sullen look on their faces.

A look that immediately tells you, "I am the boss!" And then there are those for whom life is not meant to be lived; it's only meant for you and I to exist. What I am getting at is that most times, this talk about possessing the right attitude is only talk. It never gets implemented. How many of our children learn about attitudes at a really small age?

Learning the ropes
And how many of us have the time to sit down and relate tales of positivism to them. Its only through the means of an e-mail or a forward do we learn ourselves, that Edison mentioned the invention of the light bulb to be nothing but a thousand step long process. Of course we are truly humane in our approach, it's only when it comes to our lives that we deal with utmost promiscuity.

We still tend to look at life as half empty. Despite the elevated positions that we all hold, its still the stereotypical role of a boss demanding of work to be done by his secretary while he plays solitaire on his laptop. We all love going for training sessions because it looks neat in the eyes of our auditors, and also because it is mandatory according to our quality criteria. Positive attitude should be the mantra for the day, but how many of us actually practice it, day in and day out, in our little ways?

An Example
I heard of a zen story where the zen master took his pupil to the lake and told him to look deeply into the waters. The minute the pupil bowed down, the master caught hold of his neck and almost in the manner of drowning the pupil, with his head held downwards, sunk his head for a few seconds and brought him out. He continued to do that a couple of times. The pupil thoroughly confused as to what was happening, questioned the master.

The master simply smiled and told him that he wished to teach him the lesson of life. The number of times that his head was sunk into the waters, it was done without his knowledge. He knew to swim, he had taken it upon him to be taught by the Zen master, but he was still unaware of facing this situation. So when he wanted to get his head out, he used all his forces and sensibilities in pulling himself out of the situation. Such is life!

You never know at what time, you might face which situation, so you tend to use your powers to the maximum, not knowing how to react towards the person trying to drown you. You might not face the same situation every time, of someone trying his level best to drown you, but by then you have already build up an attitude, thinking that this will happen every time and create hell on earth for those around you. Thus defining your poor Attitude! Some food for thought, I'd say!
By Prerna Salla
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