Until you become my wife....

How can I tell you about my love on you
It's difficult to explain anyone to understand
Do you know how much you mean to me
Without you my heart gets sore and pain
My love never dies for you and you are mine
I will be here for you to bring happiness always
Whenever I talk to you I feel so alive and real
and yet to see a person like you as true love
Your patience with me has been so great
and never expecting anything in return
I have dreams on you that store in my heart
Hopefully, those dreams will bring life between us
Then I will make our home with beautiful one
I promise you I will not break your heart and go away
I will spend rest of my life with your love and care
I could feel this loved until you become my wife

Copyright ©2005 Ravi Sathasivam (Sri Lanka)
Published: 9/5/2006
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