Last Hope - Chapter 8: Crows
"A group of crows is called a murder."
Last Hope - Chapter 7: Attraction
A sweetly venomous smile lit up her face. "You're not scared of your own wife, are you?"
Hidden Secret
"I can’t help it,’ Daniel gave a shy smile.
Last Hope - Chapter 6: His Shadow
He was the older brother, the stronger one, and he was more charming and witty, more cunning, more heartless, and more vicious.
Last Hope - Chapter 5: Motives
"I have a favor to request of you." "Which is?" "Kidnap me."
Last Hope - Chapter 4: The Wedding
"When your father asked me to marry you, I was hesitant at first. I didn't know if I could make this work between us. But..."
Last Hope - Chapter 3: Elimination
"You're entering a marriage with no previous relationship experience... Does this really seem like the best approach to you?"
Last Hope - Chapter 2: Resistance
"This marriage is happening, whether you like it or not. We want peace. The humans want peace."
Last Hope - Chapter 1: Hell
No movement, no bullets, no wind, no vampires. It's like they just vanished, or were never there to begin with.
Last Hope - Prologue
A human x vampire romance story. Sounds just like Twilight, right? Well, think again.