One Shot: Midnight Madness
When the clock strikes for midnight, the madness begins.
The School Shooter (2)
Readers get to choose the direction of this story. Can you help Isabella prevent the school shooting?
The School Shooter (1)
A school shooting happened. Isabella has the chance to go back in time and confront the school shooter. Can she stop the past from repeating itself?
The Homeless Man
"Don't look at that man."
Well, That Happened (3): Beautiful Bella
Meet Bella and her friends.
Well, That Happened (2): Killer Clown
Continuation of the silly story.
Well, That Happened (1): Best Buds
I've been uploading a lot of dark stuff lately, so I wanted to lighten up the mood with a silly story.
The Girl in My Drawing
A short story for Halloween.
Silence (19)
This narrative is told mainly through the dialogs of the characters.