A Royal Piece of Harmony - Chapter 3
Eric watched her with a smile at his lips. She was like a child in a toy shop. A very talented child in a toy shop. When she finally looked at him, she paused and dropped her eyes with a shy smile that made his deepen.
A Royal Piece of Harmony - Chapter 2
"Don’t even act ignorant about it. There was definite chemistry." "Was there now?" Eric regarded his brother with mild annoyance.
A Royal Piece of Harmony - Prologue and Chapter 1
If Mark were attempting a love match, he was severely misguided. Sure, Giselle was lovely, but more important factors than beauty weighed in when selecting a queen.
A Royal Piece of Harmony - Author's Note
Alrightee, so this story takes place a few years before 'Change the Melody' and picks up right after 'It's Royally Complicated'. It's the story of Prince Eric of Palanadia and incredibly talented Giselle Balaco. Hope you guys enjoy!
Untrue Mate - Chapter 3
Rita prepares to go on her very first Pack hunt.
Untrue Mate - Chapter 2
Rita learns about True and Untrue mates.
Untrue Mate - Chapter 1
Everyone wants to find that special one to spend the rest of their life with. It is no different for werewolves - male or female.
Her Heart's Desire - Chapter 1
Helda had grown up having nothing but an ambition, and the ambition had gotten her all she needed. Will her ambitious mind get her love too?
Strings and Stars - Chapter Two
From the author of 'Until You' 'Drown me in love' and 'Winning Hearts'. So sorry guys for the delay! I'm going to try to stay on top of this from now on! Please leave a comment!