Death Is But...
Facing the inevitable.
You Shall Live Forever In My Heart
Into a sacred kingdom, filled in a new world of dreams....
My Ronnie
The loss of a soulmate after thirty-nine plus years.
Cruel Death
A poem cursing the cruelty of death.
They Did This
'I hate him. She did this to me. They all did this to me. I'm depressed, I'm dying. I can't take it anymore.' That's what we all think, but very few people can make a change, some just succumb to the pressure. Those were the only...
To the Man Seated Behind Me in the Theater
Dedicated to the man seated behind me during the Henry V production.
Like Rain She Cries...
From a while back during a dark part of my life.
A Cup of Mead
Poem about a long married couple who had both had enough of their marriage!
A Dirge
Even angels cry.