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You've been slaving away at your computer for hours (or just five whole minutes), the clock is ticking slowly, and you desperately need a break. How about some jokes to tickle your funny bone! Here is a great collection of rip-roaring jokes and funnies.
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The Silent Letter
Some letters of words remain silent...... Here, this person felt that he was being corrected.........
Medical Joke
Since yesterday I have been looking for you.
Very interesting...
A Frog's Story
Oh, to Feel the Wind Blowing Through My Soul
There is a time and place for everything. When we do not heed to that, we pay the price.
You Know You're a Geek If...
How much of a geek are you? Agree with it or not, the fact is that there is a geek hidden in all of us. If you aren't quite convinced, read on to see just where you stand on the geek scale. You might turn out to be more of a geek...
Go Places with Wordplay!
Love wordplay and thrive on puns? The English language can be a brilliant source of joy if you know how to bend and play with it. That's the beauty this lingua franca, and in this article, we try to make the most of it. So people,...
Jokes and Puzzles
Some jokes and puzzles that will make you laugh.
A Butts Country Ballad
A country song about the rise and fall of a redneck in love.
Pie Time
Really bad pie jokes :D
Why Did the Pig Scream
It's about a pig who sees his cousin on a plate.
Best Funny Rajnikanth Jokes
With Rajnikanth jokes making a buzz all around India, here I present some of the best and funny Rajnikanth jokes on the hype after his latest hit - ROBOT.
The First Day Of The Beginning Of The Rest Of My Life
The Tourist Who went to Qatar
My seatmates and I made this. Smile!
Earthquake And The World
Just all about 'Your Momma' - This story is not real. Just two kids fighting about each others Momma. Once again NOT real.
Ask yourself this…
Yo Mama!
Yo mama so...
Racist People
This joke is fantastic it shows to not be racist.
Yo Mama So Dumb
Yo Mama Joke.
Yo MAMA...
Yo Mama so....
R.I.P. - 3 Idiots
3 Idiots - Ripped apart.
Yo Mama So Old
Yo Mama Jokes...
Yo Mama So Stupid
Yo Mama Joke.