Poems on Death

"Some of my friends are gone, and some of my friends are sleeping – sleeping the churchyard sleep – the hour of evening is sad – it was once my study hour – my master has gone to rest, and the open leaf of the book, and the scholar at school alone, make the tears come, and I cannot brush them away; I would not if I could, for they are the only tribute I can pay the departed Humphrey" - Emily Dickinson

In Literature, a subject much obsessed over is "death". While you have poets like Sylvia Plath and Christina Rossetti who romanticized the idea of death, you have others like John Donne who were severely pained by the concept of death's finality. And then there were others like Henry Van Dyke and Sara Teasdale who saw death as a doorway to the world of the immortals - as another chapter of being. The interpretation of death is different for every individual. And that is what enables us to evoke and express our pain or understanding of it in the most eloquent manner. Our poets express in their words how thinking about the end affect us all, how beholding the final moments and departure of a beloved scars us for life, and how we gradually learn to cope with the searing pain and grief, moving on to make peace with the inevitable.
Watch Me Watching You
A wee touch of horror to entertain.
Dirge To The Dead
I know I've put some of this on here before, but I've turned it into a concept album of poems about a man driven over the edge by lost love, but most of it is new. Hope you like it.
One Last Great Adventure
Some final thoughts...
Shallow Be Thy Grave
A little bit of Halloween scare....
Old Friend Of Mine
When your time is up, it's up, no point regretting the past.
A Secret Resides
When the misery inside is too painful to share.
I Lied
Speechless. Please put your interpretation for the poem in the comment section. Thanks a lot. Ciao.
Wasting Time
We all reach that point in time, when we start to ponder that next version of ourselves.
A Little Bit Of Goth
A Gothic tale of woe and regret.
Mr. Bear
Inspired by the creepypasta, '1999'. A chilling poem to read for Halloween.
Hidden Strength
True strength comes from an unbending will to accomplish what you set out to do.
Broken Memory
This is an old poem, I wrote in third grade... first one I ever wrote in my entire life.... at first I didn't want to share this... but 17 years later, here you guys go.
Just Imagine!
A spiritual poem
Mrs. Goodwill's Farewell
Basically about a patient who chose to end her life.
The Darkness Welcomes The Dead
Deeply dark and melancholy, suicidal.
The Best Gift
I wrote this two days ago after watching my father pass away. For Father's Day.
The Banshee
A portent of Death!
Going Home
A tribute to David Bowie.
Let My Soul Be Free
Suicidal poem, viewers been warned.
Not I
Hope you like my poem.
The Stalker's Fool
Sometimes a stalker goes too far.
Death It Be
Ending all nows.
This is something I wrote when a nephew died, but then I thought others might want to use it at a Memorial service - or just to read for comfort. In any case, feel free to use it as you wish.
I have never attended a satanic ritual in my life.
The Pain of Losing a Dad
I hurt everyday. I have known this pain will never go away.
Living in the Past
Not to stay in the past means to forget dad, to do that, emotion of mine, I shall betray.