Poems on Rite of Passage and Identity

In learning to live and learning who you are, you may be able to relate to others' struggles to discover themselves, grow up, and learn life's important lessons. That's what these poems are about.
Erotic Truth
Loving with passion.
The Man Behind My Breath
If you ever lose the way, ask my touch. I promise you won't be the same.
A decision of whimsy to be here again.
Confused Consternation
Gender confusion.
All I've Ever Known
Hope you like the poem.
Passing into adulthood.
Trying So Hard
I'm so tired of being tired, drained, and unmotivated.
Wish and Hope, Smile and Laugh
Wishes and hopes, smiles and laughs. The things that help to keep me on track.
Survival of the Fittest
Life in a concrete jungle.
A Mother's Prayers
In her heart, she deeply care for her children, she prayed to God for their lives to keep.(A poem inspired by my beloved mother misses Hellen Lopwonya) may God keep you healthy and joyfully for me Amen.
White or Black, We are Still the Same
From the same soil, God created black and white, but they were the same.
A Love So Wrong
Loving the wrong way.
A Priestly Journey
I see Jesus in You. This poem is dedicated to my new-found Christian friend Emmanuel.
Friendship blames.
When you think a distant friendship couldn't work and you block all your friendly emotion but mysteriously it strikes in a way that gladly pierce your heart, wouldn't you keep it to your next life if chanced to?
The Search for Self!
Who am I? Where do I belong? In search of the ideal self..
Lost Numbers
A view on society in today's day and age. I would like to thank my readers and commenters as this one is for you.
From The Lord I Come
Yearning to be in his presence.
Who Could Have?
Christ did so much for the undeserving.
Quiet Love
When feelings define love without spoken words.
The Deeds of My God
Reasons to need GOD.
Pain and Sorrow
Just a poem I made on my way to school 12/7/16.
Thatcher's Disease
Brexit is real, yet I don't see those in power bringing any benefit to our nation.
Thoughts Aloud
My thoughts on th 14/6/16.
Her Time
Changes, individuality, standing up, and graceful leaving.
When I Smile...
These are reasons behind my smile...