Love Poems

Love has the power to make anyone a poet. It compels enamored chords to strum in every heart. Whether it is a thriving romance or a love long-lost, a deep and sincere longing or a young and eager infatuation, there's a poem for every kind. And here's where you'll find them.
The Change (Sleazy Deep In Blues)
A bit of a love lost saga as influenced by Bob Dylan...
Cold And Neglected
When it's not so easy to admit it's over...
When it's the same old thing over and over again… it's time to get out.
Dry, Warm Clothes And A Comb
The simple comforts that love brings.
One Final Tear
Face up to a breakup.
If Pigs Could Fly
When love grows stale.
Words Of Truth
A man's worth is his word and his word is his worth.
But Love
A love poem.
The Truth Behind Those Eyes
The helplessness felt when losing a friend.
A Place Where I'm Yours
Sometimes love is not meant to be...
Old Thoughts
Just reminiscing.
Apologies for the Jagged Edges
Two broken teenagers trying to fight for love as best they can...
Call Me "The Unattached"
A poem made at 11 pm.
Mr. Lacey
5/11/17.... This is to do with my ex who I lost and I lost myself as well... he was not a teacher he was 17.
Herd Thinking
What's the truth?
One and the Other
Which one are you?
What little is left?
Not Going to Give Up Just Yet
It's about all the rubbish I have gone through 9/3/17.
State Of My Heart
Just something I put together for Valentine's day
Something More Comfortable
Love and time; one scenario.
Letting Go
It hurts.
Love is Blind...
Watching her suffer... yet you can't do a thing to help her.
For my Daughter Jessica Joy
This is a short poem dedicated to my daughter Jessica Joy.
Second Chance At Love
Do the dead really communicate with their living loved ones?
Inspired by the romance of Edgar Allan Poe.