Poems about War and Peace

"What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
Only the monstrous anger of the guns.
Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle
Can patter out their hasty orisons.
" - Anthem of the Doomed Youth.
They say that only a soldier can vouch for the lack of glory in war. The lines given above have been penned by one such soldier who went on to become one of the greatest war poets of his time. All of us might not agree with Wilfred Owen's take.

Here, our authors explore both destruction and creation, war and violence versus peace and tranquility.
Comfort Letters
How can peace be gained when you only appease one side?
Tell Me Again
A question to our glorious government.
The Poppy
Why has a symbol of peace become such a war cry?
Blue Sky
A poem to bring peace to a friend.
King of Smiles
Tired of being bullied? Yea?? Well, you gonna love this, it's 2018 the year of NO BULLY, WHO'S WITH ME!! 2k18 Bully Exterminator Plan in full effect, show your support and love guys, and help us end bullying this year.
Underground Search
I have had cults following me and they hide under residences I live in and also in attics they threaten people and hold hostages.
Victim of the Apocalypse
In the wake of today's events in Brussels, this poem is dedicated to all the innocent victims of a war which seems to be ever increasingly beyond our control.
Wars That Cannot Be Won
We are living in dangerous times.
An Ode To World Peace
In light of the tragic events in Paris, this is a call to world peace.
Dancing Around The Gravestones
This Halloween, perhaps our Glorious leaders should pay attention to their minions.... After all, we're supposed to be democratic!
Landmine Blast
About one-half hour ago, I heard and felt an old landmine combust. About four to six buried landmine bombs exploded in the city of Fredrickson Pierce County Washington.
A Lesson To Us All
Oskar Groening has been convicted. I can only hope that the lesson can be learned by us all.
See the Day Through
A political attack on the small percentage who like to think they control the world.
Man and War
The connection between man and war.
A God That You Will Never Know
The futility of war.
A Poem for Danny Boy
This is about a woman whose husband comes home from the war with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
Surviving My Teenage Years
Surviving high school after a hellish summer.
Remember You
Your comments please.
My First Time
My first time with war...
Freedom Amuck
This was one that took me awhile. It was a school assignment! Hope you like it!
The Battle of Eureka
The poem is about Australia's Eureka Stockade.
The Fate Of Sir Henry de Bohun
A little bit of history from the Scottish wars of independence.
The Girl Who Waits Alone
A soldiers yearning to be back home.
For the Anxious and Shy!
Someone told me to make a story about this, except I never got round to doing it. I felt so guilty, so I decided to write an inspiring (Hopefully!) poem for them.
The Underground Railroad
The one and only non-fiction poem that I've ever written... last year! lolz enjoy...I'll tell ya the story of my inspiration if someone asks.
Reason of the Poppy
Mine and my sister, Becky Mullin's Poem (Mostly mine).