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Do you have a strong passion for writing? Do you love weaving tales? Is playing with words your forte? Then you are at the right place. Apply to become an author and become a storyteller to the world! Need to know more about becoming an author before signing up? Read our FAQ.
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Frequently Asked Questions

About Authors

Our authors are real people, just like you, who want to share their views with others. They are eager to express their creative selves and amuse the readers. Our authors are enthusiastic about writing. Through their original literary works, our authors wish to contribute to Literature on the web.

What are the benefits of becoming an Author?

You get an opportunity to:
  • Share your views, voice your opinions, and express yourself creatively to entertain people from all over the world. You may choose from our categories - stories, poems, cartoons, jokes, and open mic. When you think of something worth sharing, word it and submit it to us. Write as often as you’d like to.
  • Build your literary reputation. Writing for a website, such as, gives you a platform for earning a literary reputation for yourself.
  • Get exposure for your writing skills. Make a name for yourself as an author. People searching online for you, your stories, or your poems will be glad to find you here. We give you the opportunity to earn a fan following.
  • Have a profile picture. Each author is given his or her own author page. On this page, you can post your photograph, and enlist your educational details, experience, and interests. Below your author biography, readers will find your writings. This allows dedicated readers to bookmark your author page for easy access to all your published content.
  • Relish the promotion of your creative output. promotes its authors' articles in two ways:
    • Search engine searches – Your articles can be found by millions of people just by searching on the Internet for content you have written.
    • website – readers can find you and your pieces featured on the website, or search for topics of their interest to find your content. has readers who check the website daily for stories, poems, cartoons, and jokes.
  • Improve your writing skills as you gain writing experience. Once you are accepted as an author, we will help you improve your writing skills by providing you with some guidance material.
How do I qualify to become an author?

You need to have good writing skills and a passion for writing. You need to have the knack of engaging your readers through good, gripping content. All articles are reviewed by our editorial staff prior to publishing.

If I become an author, what is expected of me?

As an iBuzzle author, you will be expected to submit original, good-quality articles written and owned by you. We also expect you to respect your author status and realize your responsibility towards your readers. We expect you to submit articles with some regularity.

Will I be paid as an author?


How do I submit an article? What is the process and how does it work?

Once your author application is approved, will send an email notification to you with important instructions for setting up your author page. Once you have completed the procedure as per the instructions given, you are ready to submit content to iBuzzle.

Step 1: Write. Write an original piece of content that follows our editorial guidelines.

Step 2: Submit your article for editorial review. After logging in, you will be able to access the Admin page of Click Submit New Article on the page. You will then be taken to the Add new Article page where you can submit your content.

Step 3: Editorial review. editors will review and, if necessary, edit the content (grammatical, spelling, or syntactical errors, if any, will be corrected. The author's perspective will not be altered). Editorial review typically takes 1 - 2 days depending on the number of articles requiring review at a given period of time.

Step 4: Publishing. Once the editorial review is complete, your article will be published on

Are the writing samples I give in my author application going to appear on

No. All articles must be submitted by you through the Admin page (accessible after logging in) on