Short Stories and Fiction

This section is a perfect break from the maddening rush of your daily lives. Explore stories of every kind: action, adventure, romance, suspense, fantasy, and others. Their perfect length makes a quick read possible anytime, anywhere.
My Dream Man Chapter 1
There is no shame in a thoughtful love, no pain in a hopeful thoughts.
Not My Territory - Chapter 2 (The Recovery)
"Okay Adira, do you want me to leave you alone? After dinner just drop you off at the airport or wherever it is you want to go to so you can never see me again?"
Not My Territory - Chapter 1 (The Trauma)
A short introduction necessary for Understanding Adira's History.
De Vega MC - Prologue
Introducing the De Vega MC, under threat from rival MC's, guns ablaze love and war. The fire has been unleashed and the union of two rival MC's to bring a war of twelve years to peace. Roxanne Dereloza fated to be Old Lady to vice...
Not My Territory - Update
(Years Later!) An explanation, an apology, a request.
Let's Play (1)
Hey I'm (Shiraz) is back. Bailey is busy but she might post later. Here's a little something from me.
A Sword And His Folly - Chapter 1
Living in a small village was a young adult who grew up knowing that his life would be short.
Diary Entry #39
The diary of a real girl living in the real world.
Young Jason finds himself at home in the dark with his dying Grandpa.
Her Name
Her.. perfection.. beautiful.. cancer.. kids.
Dirty Secrets (1): Matchmakers
Seventeen-year-old Emmy feels pressured to date a boy who she has no interest in.
Hidden Secret (1)
She soon realized, she was not alone. She can make out a familiar figure standing at the entrance of the garden facing her.
Last Hope - Chapter 8: Crows
"A group of crows is called a murder."
Last Hope - Chapter 7: Attraction
A sweetly venomous smile lit up her face. "You're not scared of your own wife, are you?"
Hidden Secret
"I can’t help it,’ Daniel gave a shy smile.
Last Hope - Chapter 6: His Shadow
He was the older brother, the stronger one, and he was more charming and witty, more cunning, more heartless, and more vicious.
Last Hope - Chapter 5: Motives
"I have a favor to request of you." "Which is?" "Kidnap me."
Last Hope - Chapter 4: The Wedding
"When your father asked me to marry you, I was hesitant at first. I didn't know if I could make this work between us. But..."
Last Hope - Chapter 3: Elimination
"You're entering a marriage with no previous relationship experience... Does this really seem like the best approach to you?"
Last Hope - Chapter 2: Resistance
"This marriage is happening, whether you like it or not. We want peace. The humans want peace."
Last Hope - Chapter 1: Hell
No movement, no bullets, no wind, no vampires. It's like they just vanished, or were never there to begin with.
Last Hope - Prologue
A human x vampire romance story. Sounds just like Twilight, right? Well, think again.
The White Room (6)
An interactive story for readers.
The White Room (5)
An interactive story for readers.
Dysfunctional Love (1)
This story will explore dysfunctional and unconventional relationships. Warning: themes such as; incest, pedophilia, and sexual violence will be explored. Read with caution.
The White Room (4)
An interactive story for readers.
The White Room (3)
An interactive story for readers.
Obsessed (1)
Careful. A decision you make in a split second can impact you for the rest of your life.