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Life Before Death - Chapter 2
You already read the first start of this story and I hope you keep it up. I will keep at it as much as I can. Thanks for reading.
Random (1)
Just random stuff.
Not My Territory - Chapter 9 (Drowning)
After the trauma, recovering and finally accepting. A steamy moment between Adira and Emerson pushes them into deeper questions, but this is just the start. It's sorter than I wanted but the other chapter should be up in a week!
Something Lost - Chapter 8 (The Ritual)
After deciding to go through with a ritual that will recover her lost memories of her final days in Larska, Alanis fights with her insecurities regarding her innocence.
Not My Territory - Chapter 8 (The Incident)
Sorry, if it's a bit short but I"ll have the other chapter up soon! Please comment!
Something Lost - Chapter 7 (Blue-eyed Brat)
James takes Alanis out to the training fields to help her hone her magic. While there, drama ensues.
Something Lost - Chapter 6 (Blair's Oath)
After meeting with Berthold's King, Alanis is left to decide if she will go through with a special ritual that will unlock her lost memories. Meanwhile, James treats Alanis to a night on the town while playing tour guide.
Not My Territory - Chapter 7 (Don't Run)
A reality check and a final decision. Adira bonds more closely with her... that voice in her head ;) Tell me what you think.
Rewrite Your Story (2)
A person who claims to be from an alternate universe wants to rewrite the story of Natalia Taylor.
Something Lost - Chapter 5 (Berthold's King)
Alanis and James reach Berthold. While there, they meet with Berthold's King, Alexander. The king, and his knights, expose Alanis to a horrible truth, one that will make her question everything she thought she knew.
Not My Territory - Chapter 6 (Easy)
Sorting out details. I'm sorry if this chapter is a bit boring, but things are about to heat up. If you've read the older versions, do you remember the eyes in the woods?
Crazy Ex-Boyfriend (6): His Abuse
As the title suggests.
Rewrite Your Story (1)
A person who claims to be from an alternate universe wants to rewrite the story of Natalia Taylor.
My Dream Man - Chapter 2
Infinite love feelings can only be broken by true hatred resulted from a broken heart. Giving space in a relationship can spice it if given with good reason but with wrong motive, it could break a relationship.
Something Lost - Chapter 4 (Golden Cloaks)
Alanis and the young knight, James, continue their journey by foot to Berthold. Along the way promises are made...
Something Lost - Chapter 3 (The Serpent and the Tree)
The young knight and Alanis encounter a scaly beast on their journey to his homeland. Just as disaster strikes, a familiar face aids the pair.
Something Lost - Chapter 2 (A Knight to Remember)
While trying to find her way back home, Alanis encounters a young knight who is lost himself.
Something Lost - Chapter 1 (Mysterious Powers)
Alone in an unknown forest, Alanis discovers she is capable of something that should be impossible.
Something Lost - Prologue (Rewrite)
Marked by the goddess of light, Alanis is meant to perform an incredible task, one that will secure peace for all of Terra. But will she be willing to sacrifce her first love to achieve it?
Diary Entry #40
The diary of a girl living in the real world.
Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 28
Things will get darker post this chapter.
Willing to Trust Again - Chapter 27
She didn't want counselling. She just wanted this to be over. It would take a year to get over.
Not My Territory - Chapter 5 (Not Anymore)
This might seem a bit slow but it’s important. I’m super-excited to see how you all take in the other things I have planned.
Willing To Trust Again - Chapter 26
I don’t think it is my responsibility whatever happened to her. I do miss her. But why am I being blamed?