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"...we Woosters are men of tact and have a nice sense of the obligations of a host. We do not tell old friends beneath our roof-tree that they are an offence to the eyesight." - Bertie Wooster in Right Ho, Jeeves.
Very few of us will have remained deprived of the joys of reading books by P. G. Wodehouse in our lives, whose sheer wit and buoyant humor raised the bar for comic writing by several notches. And since one should always have enough reasons to keep smiling, we at iBuzzle present you with stories that will leave you with a lingering smile, when you're not clutching your sides and rolling on the floor. Be it a dull day, bad day, or a day on which you cannot stop smiling and it looks like someone has stuffed a hanger in your mouth - there is never really a bad time to read these hilarious pieces of writing. Enjoy!
Transformation: Boys to Girls (1)
Eight boys are forced to disguise themselves as girls in order to stay alive.
Welcome to My World of Cliché (3)
So... this is a pretty dark, depressing chapter. Enjoy.
Hello! A Note from An Pham
Hello! It's me, again! The super crazy (and idiot) girl is trying to learn English as lazy as I can. So, because I don't have a good grammar, so please, please, please fix for me any problem about grammar! And you, can also teach...
The One Wish
If you could have one wish, what would it be? You can't ask for more wishes.
Mr. President
Just something I came up with on the fly! Young, inexperienced, and single congressman Jason Ackerman is now in-charge of the USA after a tragedy has struck the nation. He must run the country, find the American traitor, and...
Wait me, joker!
P/S: I'm from Vietnam and my English is not so good, so if you come across some grammar errors in this story, PLEASE let me know through your comment! I will try improve myself. Thanks!
Buzz Animals: Baby Joey's Story
Did you know that Joey actually means 'baby kangaroo'? Well, of course you did.
Arranged What! - Chapter 2
Sorry guys, my phone had a problem, so I couldn't update, but now I'm back! Thanks for you guys patience!
So Easy to Solve a Problem
I hope this short story will help people think the problem in two sides! Enjoy, guys! Love you!
Arranged What! - Chapter 1
Hi guys, I know it's been awhile, but I'm back now! The meeting part 1 ???
America Vs. Britain
Read as America and Britain battle about which word is 'correct'. It's a classic argument written in a clear, easy playscript!
Arranged What! - Prologue
This chapter is going to be really short... Please comment. It's my second book, I have a really good feeling about this one!!
The Ramblings of a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl: Priorities (8)
This series focuses on the real-life stories of everybody. A rambling that allows one to realize. The series that allows people to get a breather and to breathe. Sometimes you just have to let it all out, don't you think?
Coming 'Home' - Chapter 1
Jaye is finally finished with boarding school in Korea and is back in California for college. Coming home with a month left before school, Jaye is going to have to learn how to be a CEO's illegitimate daughter and learn to get...
Ugly, Ugly, Ugly! - Chapter One
Nothing is beautiful for her. Nothing is even remotely pretty or nice. Meet Jiao Chung, the girl who thinks everything is ugly.
The Four Doctors - Chapter 4
I opened a Facebook account. What happened to my friend Raja?
The Four Doctors - Chapter 3
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