Suspense & Mystery Stories

"The suspense of a novel is not only in the reader, but in the novelist, who is intensely curious about what will happen to the hero." These words by author Mary Therese McCarthy indicates just how some of the best suspense thrillers in the world are born. There are few things more gripping than a tale that keeps us glued to a piece of writing till the very last word. Even fewer things stir up the detective and truth-seeker in all of us. So, here is our contribution to a genre that stimulates those gray cells to think out of the box and tread on paths filled with nerve-chilling possibilities.
Not Another Teenage Drama (NATD)
Charlie and Drew have been living the famous and wealthy lives since before they could remember. Even though they fill their year with good tidings, the year is anything but that. With a stalker on the loose, a high school scandal...
The Last Letter - Chapter 5
A messy situation!
The Last Letter - Chapter 4
Revelations and trouble!
The Last Letter - Chapter 2
To new beginnings!
The Last Letter - Chapter 1
Shattered hopes and broken hearts.
The Last Letter - Prologue
Emma and Josh were best friends since childhood. They grew up sharing all their secrets with each other. Everything was fine until Emma made the biggest mistake of her life and lost Josh forever. But what was Emma's mistake?..or...
I Should Have Known It Was You (1)
Eighteen-year-old Brandon attends a house party. An unforeseen situation happens that destroyed Brandon's life. Join him as he unravels the clues and mysteries of the traumatic experience to uncover the cold truth.
Wilkins - 1
There's a wakening of the supernatural around the town of Wilkens. They look just like you, kill just like humans and lurk in the shadows. Beware.
Dear Aunt Nelly (4): Mind Control
I think my wife's mind is being controlled.
Dear Aunt Nelly (2): Dictionary Baby
My dictionary book turns into... an actual human baby!?
Dear Aunt Nelly (1): Cheating Werewolf
Is my boyfriend really a werewolf or is he cheating on me?
All For You: Chapter 5
(I'm back!) We find out a bit of the history behind Reed and Geneva. There is friction between Mallory and Geneva: the relationship between two sisters may not be smooth all the time. Read on to find out why.
The Glove Box Robbery
Do you keep cash in your car's glove box. If so, read this!
Ryland - 3
Ryland, town population: 7500, secret population equals just as high. Romance, heartbreak, jealousy, action, mystery... what more could you want in a little town such as this?
Would You Rather? (6 and 7)
Sorry for the long wait! Here's two chapters to make up for it!
All Perfectly Well - Chapter 1
Finally! Here's chapter 1 of my new story... PS. Share me your thoughts. :)
Love My Love
Please read and comment or vote on your views.
All Perfectly Well - Prologue
Hey Guys! Check out the new story I'm planning to write.
Enshrouded - Chapter 4
Sorry for a late post... but this one is a new twist in the tale!
Would You Rather? (2): Let's Begin
Twenty random people wake up in a mysterious place. An interactive computer screen forces them to play a real life version of Would You Rather? Winner is the last person standing.
Would You Rather? (1): The Game
Twenty random people wake up in a mysterious place. An interactive computer screen forces them to play a real life version of Would You Rather? Winner is the last person standing.
Enshrouded - Chapter 2
Just a regular day or is it?
Enshrouded - Chapter 1
And the story begins... going back through a year to see what actually happened!
Enshrouded - Prologue
"How will you see the light... when everything is enshrouded in darkness?" Mia, an 18-year-old has it all. A happy family, luxurious life, and great friends. Life seems to be too perfect to be real for her but...
Chimera - Chapter 7
Sorry for a late post... but now the mystery is about to begin.