Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction is largely a view of what the future holds for us. They showcase the predictive capacities of the human brain. It is fantasy with a futuristic twist with the primary purpose of planting newer ideas in the minds of the inventive. iBuzzle's stories in this genre are indeed unusual. In fact, they often border on the absurd. But then, Einstein did say, "If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it." So, get on board the time machine with us and we shall take you for the ride of another lifetime.
Life Before Death - Chapter 2
You already read the first start of this story and I hope you keep it up. I will keep at it as much as I can. Thanks for reading.
Something Lost - Chapter 1 (Mysterious Powers)
Alone in an unknown forest, Alanis discovers she is capable of something that should be impossible.
Something Lost - Prologue (Rewrite)
Marked by the goddess of light, Alanis is meant to perform an incredible task, one that will secure peace for all of Terra. But will she be willing to sacrifce her first love to achieve it?
Young Jason finds himself at home in the dark with his dying Grandpa.
This Life is a Dream
Is it possible to predict future events through our dreams?
Fallen Angel Chronicles
A love that breaks all the rules. Betrayal. Lust. Revenge. (I decided to revamp this story and put a bit more thought into it. Any CC is welcome!)
Inner Color - Prologue
In Ugbor, a planet far away from earth, people's worth and personality are known by the color of their heart.
Dawn - Chapter 10 (Past and Present)
"I am worried Anastasia might do something, I promised her I would marry her but I didn't... I know what she can do, she's dangerous, there's that aura around her... I am scared for our little Dawn she just might attack...
An Update from the Author of 'Love's To Die For' with New Story Posted
News on latest project, along with the preface of new series.
Welcome to the Unified State of America in 2064
Rockin' in the Free World? That's a Thing of the Past.
The Black Rose - Part 6
Will Cassie be able to protect her new family members or will her grandmother force her back to her old home?
Dusk Rose - Chapter 2
"But what I was looking for was my cream. Cream... cream... cream. Where is my goddamn cream?"
Dusk Rose - Chapter 1
"My eyes were bright blue with flecks of lavender in them..." Comments are greatly appreciated guys. Let me know what you do and don't like. I'll try to work on my style of writing more. It's been a long while.
Dusk Rose
A story about two brothers fighting for a forbidden love. A woman caught between a hazy past and her current life in Virginia. Where she works at a boring desk job, with the urge to drop everything and skip town. When a stranger...
Dawn - Chapter 9 (An Unexpected Turn)
Mia finally finds love... But what will Mia do if her destiny as belonging to Roberto is inevitable? Would she be able to tell Roberto about Sonya conspiracy? Can Mia and her love have a future?
Dalton, GA
Sorry this took so long... I'm sure not many (if any) people are bothered by it. I was camping for a while without Internet... Anyway, this is the final piece of this group's story for the time being... I have a few other survivors...
Return to Yargo - Chapter 5
Leader Murtah looked me in the eyes and I recognized a dark, almost sinister expression in his eyes. It was only for a moment, and it was gone. Perhaps I imagined it.
Enter Smalls
This is the second piece of my puzzle. It introduces a new character... Allec Smalls. This story has some mild language..
In the Beginning - Dan, Al, and Cal
This is my first piece of a long puzzle.. The first three characters I am introducing are Al aged 20, a cashier. Dan aged 32, bowling alley attendant. Caldor (Cal) aged 6, kindergarten. This is the start of their journey. I hope...
Chronicles of Isvell (5)
"I am a Godblade," Elbion answered, although he did not know how he knew the answer. He slowly pulled the blade free, dropping Strass to his knees. "I am Innocence."
The Menagerie of My Life - Chapter 21 (Part 1 of 2)
As Matt (with the help of the SAS) gets closer to defeating the Axis, the question of how long he can cheat death slowly begins to bug him more and more.
Chronicles of Isvell (4)
"What if we fail?" Embry asked, "What if the truth I saw in the hall comes to be?" "It won't," Sol stated firmly, "We won't let that happen."
Chronicles of Isvell (3)
"I'm thinking we should introduce this man to the Watchers," Marcus stated finally after a long moments pause. "The way I see it, they say something fell from the sky and this man just happens to be in the area?...
Chronicles of Isvell (2)
"If the Dragons ally themselves with the Demons it could be a hell of a lot worse than bad."
Chronicles of Isvell (1)
"One of the first seven have fallen," Sorin chanted, as if his voice were not his own. Embry felt anxious, her chest rising and falling a bit faster. "One of the first seven have fallen."
Chronicles of Isvell - Prologue
Tied around his longsword's sheath was a black and blue scarf, an item of great importance to Terion, and a reminder of what he could lose if he did not give his best.
The Menagerie of My Life - Chapter 20
Will finds himself being exploited at every turn.
Dawn - Chapter 8 (Conspiracy II, Confusion, and Murder…)
More trouble on the way for Mia... what will happen to Mia?